[Moment] EyesighT

posted on 22 Apr 2012 00:32 by zeazand in Siwon, SuperJunior, ZeA
i love the way someone take a pic like this!
the eyesight..
siwon's eyesight... ^^
can you see the 'LOVE' in his eyes?
Siwon oppa has a beautiful eyes.. keke
and he is the kind of man who melt girl's heart... especially me ^^
that why my bias is Siwon... lol
even the first impressive member of super junior is Donghae oppa
..but now on... siwon sshi is my long last impressive guy of me
;) he melt my heart, my brain, my soul,,,, yes i like him
he is my style... but i never think... i just think that he's an idol.. the warm guy.. funny guy.. smiling guy.. smart guy.. perfect guy ^^
the far away guy.. that i realize.. i can only like him from here...
just can thinkin' of him ;) when i 'm in the trouble situation.. or for the day i want 2 smile ;)
what am i typing here?
ps now i 'm uploading 'KIK' fiction of HanHae BumKyu to WonnabwithKyu.com
^^ there's da awesome time... that i can read my old fic.. between recheck fic in webboard
lol.. that y i really think of donghae...
btw siwon is my bias...